Slime Farming Tutorial In Minecraft

Hey miners! In this article, we are going to get through a technique that will automatically spawn and kill Slimes for you, which will help you obtain Slimeballs easily. 


So, let us start:

Slime farming tutorial in Minecraft:

slime farming in minecraft


In Minecraft, a slimeball is a kind of item which you can not craft with the help of a crafting table, instead, you have to find this item in the game or gather it by killing the slime mob. 

To have a slime ball, slime farming would be the best option.

Supported versions:

The slime ball is supported by the following versions of Minecraft:

  • Java edition
  • Pocket edition ( 0.12.1)
  • Xbox 360
  • Xbox one
  • Ps3
  • Ps4
  • Windows 10
  • Education edition
  • Nintendo switch

Fortunately, none of the Minecraft versions deny slime ball, so you can make this farm in any Minecraft version. So you need to go through this article carefully since this farm consists of a few technical stuff which if not done correctly will end up stressing you out since it won’t work.  

Slime farming tutorial:

Video Tutorial: Minecraft Easy Slime Farm! 4,000+ Slime per Hour! 1.16

Slime farming includes the following listed steps:

The method includes 5 steps. Prebuild, spawning, transportation, separation, killing trap, and last but not least the item collection.

So, let us see all the above-mentioned steps one by one.

Pre building:

Miners, before building a slime farm, firstly, you have to decide where you are going to build that farm. It should be noted that slimes only spawn either in swamp biomes or Slime chunks and that too below layer 40 regardless of light surface. Super flat worlds are ideal for slimes to spawn but it is not possible in normal survival.

Slime Chunk:

A chunk is a small 16×16 part of a world that adds up together to make the entire world. And in those chunks, there is a 10% chance that it might be a slime chunk which means that 1 in every 10 chunks is a slime chunk. Slimes spawn here below Y=40 and they are not dependent on light

slime chunk

**If you don’t know how to find a slime chunk then just go to and enter your world seed in the slime option and this site will tell all the slime chunks around you**

Swamp biome:

The occurrence of slime in swamp biomes to spawn is between Y=51 and Y=70. This method has the advantage that you do not have to dig out a room for making a swamp slime farm, and the size of the farm will not be limited.


The second step is spawning. In this step what you need to do is construct a space suitable for slimes to spawn. Most of the farm designs include the technique in which the spawning areas are developed with the spawn slimes and after that are moved towards the killing trap. you can construct a spawning block within a 2 ½ block with the slabs, it will allow all types of slimes to should be noted that the spawn platforms are lit up, otherwise, hostile mobs will also start spawning. To keep the hostile mobs’ cap as low as possible, light up a 128 block radius around the farm.

spawning in minecraft


The next step is transportation. You can easily achieve this by using the canals of water which are separated by using the signs. A slime can swim in the snapshot 14w06a and the above. In java edition 1.8 and above, special water placements are required. Or if making water canals is difficult for you to make then place iron golems at the specific spot so that the slimes are attracted to them and are lured into the killing area

Separation and killing traps:

Last but not the least, the final step to building a slime farm is the separation and making of killing traps. You can use a drowning trap to separate different sizes down to the smallest. The largest slime farm would be separated down to the medium, and the medium would be separated down to the small.

Now, usually, your slimes are lured to another table to be killed. It can also be another drowning trap. And go again with the entire method of separation and drowning until you are finished with your slimes.

An alternate way is that you can use a water stream carrying the slimes flowing into a cactus. The Hoppers around the base of the cacti and then collects the drops. As a result, you will have the advantage of killing all sizes of slimes even without the need for separation. As they are pushed towards the cacti by the water stream and get stuck there and are unable to move while the thorns of the cactus slowly kill those creatures.

 A downside of this method is that the cacti will destroy about 20%  of the slimeballs by the dropping method. 

A good alternative is using magma blocks

Item collection:

This is an optional step. In this step, you have to collect the slime balls by creating a hole below the end of the trap, then place some hoppers. If you want greater efficiency we recommend a 2×2 hole, above the double chests. 


item collection of slimeballs minecraft

So, miners, to sum things up, Slimeball is an item in Minecraft that can not be crafted by your 3×3 crafting table so the only way to obtain it is to gather it or find it from the game. You can even use the slime farming technique to go more smoothly with the slime ball.

The slime farming tutorial includes 5 steps, that is, pre-building, spawning, transporting, separation, and killing trap, and last the item collection which will be, indeed,  the slimeball. You can build a slime farm in a slime chunk or even in a swamp. In a slime chunk farm, you need to dig a room, unlike the swamp farm which does not require any underground room and does not provide restrictions for the size of the farm. You have to construct a spawning area, make sure to light that area up otherwise, hostile mobs will also start spawning there. The ideal radius to light up is 128 blocks. Then you have to transport them,  you can either use water canals or use iron golems to lure them into the trap. Next, you have to separate the biggest slime from the smallest. Now comes the trapping time, you can use the separation trap in the form of a killing trap.

So, miners! no need to wait, go and make your slime farm with the help of this tutorial.

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