Smelter Minecraft – A Complete Smelting Guide

Hola folks! Minecraft Global is back with yet another Minecraft Guide for you. Today, we are reviewing Smelter in Minecraft. So, keep reading to know more about Minecraft Smelter, how to make one of your own and how to use it.

What is Smelting

Smelting is a process of producing refined items. It’s a bit same as crafting in Minecraft where a player adds ingredients to crafting interface and gets some output. However, smelting has a 2 input options; item to be heated and fuel. Also, smelting is done using selected set of Smelters (which you’ll learn in the next section).

Minecraft Smelting Interface
Minecraft Smelting Interface

What is a Minecraft Smelter

So, Smelter, as the name says is used for smelting item and it has the same purpose in Minecraft as well. As we all know, smelting is used to produce refined goods. It has the same procedure in Minecraft too.

A Smelter is also called a Blast Furnace. There are other types which can be used for smelting like a Furnace or Smoker.

Smelters Minecraft

Smelting Recipes

Now you should be thinking which item can I smelt and what will be the outcome of it. So, here you go with all the Smelting Recipes you’ll need to know.

Ingredients Product
Iron OreIron Ingot
Gold OreGold Ingot
Diamond OreDiamond
Redstone OreRedstone Dust
Emerald OreEmerald
Lapis Lazuli OreLapis Lazuli
Coal OreCoal
Nether Quartz OreNether Quartz
Ancient DebrisNetherite Scrap
Block of QuartzSmooth Quartz
SandstoneSmooth Sandstone
Red SandstoneSmooth Redstone
NetherrackNether Brick
Stone BricksCracked Stone Bricks
Dyed TerracottaGlazzed Terracotta
Iron weapons, tools, armorsIron Nugget
Gold weapons, tools, armorsGold Nugget
CactusGreen Dye
Sea PickleLime Dye
Wet SpongeSponge
Log, Stripped Log, Wood, Stripped WoodCharcoal
Chorus FruitPopped Chorus Fruit

Minecraft Smelter Fuel

Alright so, we know all the recipes now. Let’s check which Minecraft items we can use as a fuel in Smelter.

Fuel Burning Time (sec) Number of Smelting Operations
Lava Bucket1000100
Dried Kelp Block20020
Block of Coal80080
Blaze Rod12012
Wooden Fence151.5
Fence Gate151.5
Wooden Trapdoor151.5
Wooden Pressure Plate151.5
Crafting Table151.5
Fletching Table151.5
Smithing Table151.5
Cartography Table151.5
Wooden Slab151.5
Note Block151.5
Mushroom Block151.5
Fishing Rod151.5
Wooden button50.5
Wooden Pickaxe101
Wooden Shovel101
Wooden Axe101
Wooden Sword101
Wooden Door101

Automatic Minecraft Smelter / Furnace

Finally, as you can see that we have limited burning times and we can loose fuel if nothing is there to smelt. Not to worry folks! We have an interesting little machine to share with you.

So, yes you can automate this process so you don’t waste any time and resources.

Here’s how to do this..

  • Add a Hooper on top of your Smelter this will hold the items that will go into the Furnace.
  • Now, you can add another Hooper at the bottom as well. This will empty the Smelter as soon as the product is ready.
  • Finally, you can also add a third hooper to add the fuel to your Smelter. So it doesn’t run out of fuel in the middle.
Automatic Smelter Minecraft
Automatic Smelter Minecraft

That’s all on Minecraft Smelter. We’ll catch up with yet another cool topic soon. Meanwhile, checkout these sections:

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