The Minecraft Winter DLC is Here

Hey miners! So the news is here which we were waiting for so long to tell you, the wait is over the creeping Minecraft winter DLC is here! 

Without any delay let us move to the review of this new DLC. 

Creeping winter DLC:

This Minecraft winter DLC is available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Windows, Xbox One. 

Some cools items included in this DLC are:

Frosty skin:

So, the new Minecraft winter DLC is serving up a hypothermia chic having the new frosty skin. It will give you a  chilling effect which will make you feel like being frozen, a little bluish skin, and frozen hair.  Some kind of sickening effect. 

A frosty armor:

An armor forged with a never melting ice? OMG! This would probably look amazing when on the battlefield. You would probably rock in any out door party as well. This armor would subtle glow from day to night, and in addition, the snow particles which are hovered around the armor are becoming an excellent conversation starter, probably, when you are stuck with someone alike personality less than a polar bear.

Ranged weapon: 

So, something more special here is the winter’s touch bow. Now, the distance would not be an issue when it comes to the icy ambitions. indeed, these bows are definitely in for this Minecraft winter creeping DLC. its time for suiting up and shooting your content desired by your heart. 

An ice wand:

This DLC will probably add a new item called ice wand. This ice wand will literally summon up a massive ice block that will drop on the head of the mobs. This is a perfect addition to the winter DLC and someone who wants to wield a powerful wand which will absolutely, coordinate with you. 

Snow fox:

In addition, there is a new adorable, cute fur, the arctic fox. This arctic fox will be wearing a trending winter coat, this will be along with you on your tundra areas challenges. 

So, nothing to wait for, go check this out now and do tell your review on this in the comments.

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Peace Out!

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