Top 10 Best Minecraft Adventure Maps

Obviously, you already know what Minecraft Adventure maps are. 

But if you don’t know just take a look: Minecraft Adventure maps have an exciting experience a bit of bold, sometimes even risky. And maybe have some activities like exploring, traveling.

So, Today we are exploring Minecraft Maps again and we have Top 10 Best Minecraft Adventure maps for you.

Excited? Let’s begin..

List Of Best Minecraft Adventure Maps

Minecraft Global Team is always working for you and gathering all that quality stuff that every Minecrafter needs and should know.

So, now we have the top 10 Best Minecraft Adventure Maps for you that you’ll love for sure!

10) Time Loop – Minecraft Adventure Maps

Our 10th Minecraft adventure map has a story. The creator said that it took him 6 months to make this adventure map.

Minecraft Adventure Maps - Time Loop

This maps Story like; Night, yellow light got on our character’s face, quiet, which is a piece of something noisy. Kevin – our fundamental character withdraws to Poland. 

So, Early arrangements for the takeoff are being made. Everything goes as arranged. His companion Adam drives him to the air terminal. Not everything consistently goes true to form…

In other words, Kind of interesting story-line.

It is a choice based map that has 120+ choices that affect your playthrough!

9) Project Zelda Adventure Map

Next one in Minecraft adventure maps is Project Zelda, a full zenda game inside the vanilla!

Minecraft Adventure Maps - Project Zelda

That means there is no more recreation inside the game.

This map has its own story, Dungeons, overworld, custom mobs, etc.

The map is a kind of series and this is Episode 1. There is an island named “Lun island”.

Furthermore, this Project of Zelda took the creator 5 years with combine 800 hours of work to finally complete it.

That’s a lot of time!

So, You should check this Minecraft adventure map to know what he made in these 5 years.

8) Manitu’s Quest: Ultimate Edition

This next adventure map is Manitu’s Quest. It has an interesting story with some adventures in it. 

Your character awakens in a betrayed looking Apache camp. From that point, you need to discover your way again into civilization or die. 

So, set out on an epic adventure that leads you to intriguing spots with… well… intriguing characters. 

Manitu's Quest - Minecraft adventure maps

The Main Quest takes you along on a harsh ride to one of two potential endings, while the Side Quest does a lot of adding to the Story and giving better hardware.

Also, there are a few Side Quests in practically all significant towns, so simply check out a piece to discover them. 

Manitu’s Quest is inexactly made on the German Wild West Comedy “Der Schuh des Manitu”. However, it has some large contrasts to it.

Try not to stress however, on the off chance that you don’t get German, as there is NO German content on this guide by any means.

It’s 100% in English!

Great/quick perusing abilities may prove to be useful in this map. As, there are quick-paced areas that might kill you, if you simply just remain still while reading!

7) Across the Time – Minecraft Adventure Maps

This map in Minecraft Adventure maps has 8 clearly distinct classes, 20 magical spells, thousands of monsters to fight, 12 secondary quests, 70 heroic deeds. Also, there are many events of all kinds like jump, puzzle, and enigma.

The story is..

An episode happened in a community where you are functioning as a conveyance kid.

So, an entry letting out monsters of another age is open, driving the world into the end of the world. 

All expectation is kicking the bucket, there is nobody left but you, the last agent of humankind

You are safeguarded by a mysterious power that takes you once more into a far off past. 

In this world, the Dahäl exists… You will discover that the reason for your adversities is none other than Ranegot, a degenerate undying, foe of seven realms.

Moreover, there is just a single method to survive: That is to assemble 9 incredible jewels dissipated in 4 of the seven realms

In short, It’s a voyage brimming with obstructions bewilders, epic battles against in gigantic measure of beasts or against an ever-increasing number of savvy and incredible managers are holding up! 

Also, For helping you in your mission, you educate to control the Dahäl through spellbook (unique and extraordinary with Minecraft vanilla!)

So, you can customize your hardware with various weapons and reinforces. 

You can discover them with cultivating or you can get them in the various shops in return for neighborhood money: Chronoton!

Moreover, your experience will build your capacities through a unique arrangement of development. 

Good luck, you’re the only one that can make the difference!

6) The Legend of Willow Valley

In this Minecraft adventure map, you have to follow the story-driven adventure through a series of several biomes.

The Legends of Willow Valley - Minecraft map
Minecraft Adventure Maps – The Legends of Willow Valley

You have to explore the Dungeons and caves, fight with custom textured mobs and fight with the end of dungeons boss.

Find some hidden items throughout the lands and solve fascinating puzzles.

This map has the custom texture packs that load up the map. Similarly, 3D models and animation textures, Boss fights, Custom sound effects, Cut-scenes, scripted events and much more.

And it’s gameplay time is 1-3 hours, depends on a player.

And the story is like:

You get a weird letter from an obscure individual… 

The letter peruses 

To you the best pioneer I’ve been told, 

it would be ideal if you go to these terrains of marvel and gold… 

Go to these grounds so far away, for there is a 

consecrated lake where the pixies stray… 

I have been scanning for this consecrated land for such some time, 

I have developed old now and infrequently grin… 

The name is called Willow Valley, and it has taken as long as I can remember, 

be that as it may, I am close now, and need to know where it lies… 

To pursue the guide from inside this letter, when you are here, 

we will think that it’s together…

5) Metroid Bounty Hunter Map

Next up in Minecraft adventure maps takes approximately 1hour 30 mins- 2hours to complete.

Minecraft Adventure map - METROID

In this adventure map, you have to eliminate your enemies through 7 various levels, while upgrading your weapons to make yourself stronger.

And its story like You are Samus Aran, the unbelievable abundance tracker

You have no more missions to achieve. However, you notice a peculiar planet, that is by all accounts a worldly fracture itself. 

After attempting to arrive on it, the worldly break transports you into an obscure region, that connects 7 unique zones from the past.

And if we talk about what’s inside..

So, you will face many enemies in 7 levels to gain credits, chests, and metal crates are around the map at each level.

4) PayDay 2: Endgame Adventure Map

PayDay 2 is our 4th Minecraft adventure map.

This map only features a single player.

The whole gameplay is around 1-3 hours depending on the play style.

The map contains custom sounds, item shops, custom mobs, animated textures, over 20 achievements. Sounds good?

3 major locations where you will compete Washington, Shanghai and Las Vegas.

Top 3 Minecraft Adventure Maps

3) Assassin of Steve 3: Endergreddon

On 3rd position in the list of Minecraft adventure maps, we have Assassin of Steve 3. It has heavily customized mobs and loot tables.

This map has 100 different 3D weapons in total. For example, with custom swords to guns, axes, daggers, rocket launchers and much more!

Here is the map trailer: The Assassin of Steve has gotten away indeed, with the Squiggly Replica, and a plot to end the world. 

You and an assortment of partners, both old, new and sudden, are the main ones who can prevent him from achieving Endergeddon. 

In your mission, you should find the best approach to enter the Assassin’s space. So, you can stop him while being pursued by armadas of End Ships. 

Be that as it may, when you find the genuine idea of the Assassin’s arrangements, Minecraft will never be the equivalent again.

So, do try this cool Minecraft adventure map and let us know what you think of it?

2) Soul Bound – Minecraft Adventure Maps

We are nearing the end now. So, this is the 2nd one in our Minecraft adventure maps list.

Minecraft adventure maps - SoulBound

Soul bound is a Puzzle/Adventure map stuffed with extraordinary activity and anticipation. 

The guide is involved with 12 individual levels, some being absolutely confound based, some having story and exchange and some being manager battles. 

Above all, this map features Custom textures, Custom soundtrack, Interactive dialogues with the story-line, advanced puzzle, 4 epic boss fights.

And the last major point..

This map game-play takes 7-10 hours to complete.

1) Terra Restore 2 – Adventure Map

So, guys here you are with last one on our list of Minecraft adventure maps, Terra Restore 2. This a massive new map and with a new type of sub-genre.

Minecraft map - Terra Restore 2

This map’s creator name is Mithey and it has a downloads count of 105,197 with 1739 votes. That’s really cool!

This map mixes the best elements of an adventure map with CTM maps into a true and awesome experience. 

You’ll travel to the Land of Nira with a friend named Exiel.

As you attempt to help re-establish the land and carry harmony to it again among the three sorts of species – people, creatures, and beasts

The guide, for the most part, has you in endurance mode to give you opportunity on how you need to get things done.

Anyways, it also tosses you into experience mode to do different difficulties and different things that you can’t appropriately do in endurance mode.

AndSo, this map game-play length is roughly 11-14 hours with some great story that you’ll surely like.

In addition, there are boss fights events, challenges and much more.

We can’t describe everything in words now. So, you should have to experience it your own.

So, Miners..

These were all the bests Minecraft adventure maps we have gathered for you. Make sure to download your favorite ones and post your response in comments section.

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