Best Minecraft Adventure Maps

Minecraft has one of the largest followings in any game and that is due to its diverse game modes to play with, which keeps the gamer always busy with new content and doesn’t let the player be bored with the same gameplay which is usually the problem with other games to why they die at some point of time. Minecraft’s different game modes consist of Survival, Hardcore, Creative, Adventure, and many more. 

Every game mod in Minecraft has many different maps and today we shall sort out the best Minecraft Adventure mods 

13) Biome Box

This Game mode allows 10 distinct levels for gamers to play their way out. Each level is based on a different biome that ranges from Nether to Cake, Which in the end lands in a Twilight Zone.

Biome - Box Best Minecraft Adventure Map


12) Last Jump Hero

This map is related to parkour, so you got to parkour your way to seek adventure. There is not much to the storyline in this map but the Parkour experience and adventure are different from the other Parkour mods. This map only requires 2 things from players, not being afraid of heights and sheer determination after falling hundreds of times.

Last Jump Hero Minecraft Adventure Map

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11) Heart of Darkness

On the 11th spot, we have an adventure map “Heart Of Darkness” made by Voleshads. You start on an island that has multiple rifts that are left stranded. And that rift pours out many evil monsters, our objective here is to trace the main root and destroy it for good to save the island from these creatures. 

In this RPG map, you shall face many custom enemies and many custom-made structures. This entire mission gives you around 4-5 hours of fun gameplay. 

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Heart of Darkness Adventure Map

10) Poison

One of the best game modes if you are interested in horror games, this map is very similar to FNAF (Five Nights at Freddy). PotatoMan made this map just for you to have one objective and that is, to survive. You can hop on with your friends or completely alone and explore this vast map if you are willing to get scared. All in all this map provides you with several hours of fun. 

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Poison Minecraft Map

9) Herobrine’s Mansion

Herobrine’s mansion is one of the most famous RPG adventure maps, and it has been made by none other than the most famous community members of Hypixel. What made it so popular is the Legend of Herobrine and whether it actually existed or not, now you can see him with your own eyes and fight him along with multiple enemies 5 bosses. This is also a map in which you can connect either alone or with your friends and uncover the 12-year long mystery. 

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8) Time Loop

This next mod has its own storyline and the creator of this mod said that it took him 6 months to complete. It’s a choice-based map and you get up to 120+ different choices which affect the gameplay if you like the game you can play it once again with different choices and that’s how your fun is not gonna end soon, and you can dedicate loads of hours into this map.

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7) Wrath of the Fallen

Wrath of Fallen is yet another work of art and this adventure map has been made by Hypixel as well. This map is filled with beautiful structures and custom weapons and bosses and it has a few very cheeky easter eggs hidden in it as well.

Wrath of fallen is a really big map and I would recommend you to play it with a few friends although it is possible to play it completely solo if you are ready to take on the huddle.

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6) Sunken Island

The adventure of The Sunken Island started as a simple personal terrain project. However, after some time it was turned into a Minecraft Adventure Map. In this map when you first connect you are spawned into a wrecked ship, and as you leave the ship you get to know that you are on an island that is below sea level, and upon observing you see that there is no land and only water around that island as far as the naked eye can see.

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Sunken Island Minecraft Adventure Map

5) Teramia 

Teramia is considered amongst the biggest Adventure maps available in Minecraft, Which too is an open world, including a nonlinear RPG. Teramia leaves players to wander freely, and explore countless districts, while also assisting the NPCs on the journey.

Without having an actual core quest and not focusing on one mission, the map is divided into 4 regions. Which are filled to the brim with a diverse mob, all ready to take your life in one way or another although not all are evil but a handsome number of them are. It is also the home of almost 9 dungeons and multiple fortresses.

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Teramia biggest Adventure maps

4) Project Zelda

If you want to have a complete experience of the entire game “Zelda” within Minecraft then you should definitely try out this mod. Every modder tries to replicate their favorite games within Minecraft but not all of them execute it very well. No other mod is closer in resemblance to a game that they are trying to copy other than Project Zelda. and as of my personal experience, this mod is the best out of all and this is my personal favorite as well. 

This Mod consists of its custom mobs, Dungeons, Own Story, etc.

To add more to its praise I would like to add that it took the creator of this map 5 years to complete and a total of 800 hours.

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Project Zelda Minecraft Adventure maps

3) Delivery Guy

Not looking to go on epic journeys? Or maybe not in the mood to fight epic bosses. Well, play this short yet fun and hilarious game mode where you are a guy by the name of Fred and you live with an annoying roommate, Frank. And now you have had it enough and want to move out, well guess what? You just saw a new job vacancy as a delivery guy that pays you an insane amount of $120,000 per year. Luckily no one has applied yet and the last guy who was on the job also left. But the question still hangs there as to why no one wants to be a delivery guy for $120,000 per year. Play the game to find out.

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Delivery Guy Minecraft Maps

2) Toy Story

This one is a bit different. Everyone makes a Minecraft crossover with some sort of game, but PitchBlackPL made a Minecraft adventure crossover with the famous movie Toy Story. In this mod from the Pixar franchise, you shall start by spawning in Andy’s room where you have to complete multiple tasks and progress further to find out how you got into this toy situation. Play with your friend or go solo, this map is going to give you hours of fun, and especially if you were a Toy story fan as a child this map would not disappoint you.

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1) Kingdom of the Sky

This mod is a unique adventure map that includes the main concept of narration, with a sequence of Youtube Videos that the developer has given at some points in the game.

While you can ignore the narration and carry on playing the game just like in Bioshock where you listen to audio logs.

 Even if you decide not to do the missions you still got an expansive map that you can explore for hours.

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