Top 20 Greatest Minecraft Builds of All Time

We have researched and listed all of the top 20 Greatest Minecraft Builds of all time which can amaze anyone who have played Mincecraft or maybe who just know about the game.

Minecraft has been around with us for almost 11 years and it has changed a lot since it was first released. Whether it’s the gameplay meta or the addition of new bosses or to some extent, the changes in graphics, the one thing you can’t ignore while playing Minecraft is building, well after all it says “CRAFT” in its name as well.

The Builder community in Minecraft has been pushing the limits of Minecraft structure building to a whole new level, whether it’s building a game within a game or building a fully functioning calculator.

Best Minecraft builds of all time! Here are:

Watch our video on this topic too: Top 20 Greatest Minecraft Builds of All Time

20) Titanic (Greatest Minecraft Build)

Have you ever wished to sail on the Titanic? Well, obviously not :P. But at least you would have wondered how it looked from the inside and how it would have felt like to be in it. Well, this Youtuber Richlarrousse made the best replica of Titanic you could find on Minecraft, Although it was built on the older alpha days of Minecraft it still looks super amazing, the only problem is that it was made in 2010 and so some of the map files are no longer playable.

Titanic Greatest Minecraft build
Titanic Greatest Minecraft build

This youtube playlist shows you the entire journey of how the ship was made.

Video of Titanic Creation in Minecraft

19) Harry Potter World Minecraft Build

Imagine being 6th on our previous list just to get its rank demoted to 19th. That’s how much the competition has increased and the skills of these Minecraft builders have enhanced.

The Floo network after working for over 2 years has included some of the most prominent and fan-favorite locations in the Harry Potter World such as Hogwarts, King’s Cross Station, Godric’s Hollow, Hogsmeade, and many more!

Harry Potter World in Minecraft
Harry Potter World in Minecraft

18) Planet Titan (Avengers Infinity War)

The limit to Minecraft is just your imagination and imagination alone. Builders have pushed Minecraft to endless possibilities, who would have thought in 2011 when the game was released people would be making entire movie scenes from scratch in just a few years’ time, and that too with such accuracy.

This build was heavily inspired by the famous Marvel movie Avengers: Infinity War and the builder TrixyBlox in a span of 1 month tried to replicate the Home planet of the main supervillain Thanos, and he sure did manage to do quite an impressive job.

Planet Titan (Avengers Infinity War) Build in Minecraft
Planet Titan (Avengers Infinity War) Build in Minecraft
Video of Recreating The Planet Titan in Minecraft

17) Largest Automatic Door Build

I am a simple guy and one door is enough for my survival base, but things are not so same for Lord Jon25 as he made Minecraft’s first largest and the fastest Redstone door with the dimensions of 256×256 blocks, and it takes about 30 minutes to open and 30 minutes to close, we can probably say that he was only limited by the technology of his time haha, since you can’t go higher than 256 blocks.

Largest Automatic Door Build in Minecraft
Largest Automatic Door Build in Minecraft
Video of the largest door on Minecraft ever built

16) Avengers: Age of Ultron – Sokovia

TrixyBlox’s biggest masterpiece is the re-creation of the final scene of the Marvel movie Avengers: Age of Ultron and it sure deserved to be on this list and quite undoubtedly is one of the best builds made by any YouTuber.

According to him the most difficult part of this build were those hundreds of houses and the recreation of the land being ripped off and giving it the effect that it’s floating in mid-air. Yeah, and all those mountains that are around the city, they are also placed block by block. 

Avengers: Age of Ultron Minecraft Build
Avengers: Age of Ultron
Video of Recreating Avengers in Minecraft

15) Super Quarry (World Eater) 

Sci-Craft, the notoriously famous Minecraft server for pushing the limits of Minecraft, came up with this huge invention of Super Quarry or in simple words the World Eater.

Super Quarry absolutely annihilates whatever comes in its way and is still breaking blocks to this day, while you are reading this its aim is to eat out an entire Minecraft world. It is a combination of multiple flying machines and pistons which pick up blocks and throws them with perfectly timed TNT cannons. It has the ability to collect up to 400,000 items per hour

Do not forget to check mango as they have got some insane inventions under their belt. 

Super Quarry Minecraft
Super Quarry Minecraft

14) Working Calculator (One of the Best Minecraft Builds of all time)

Well for all that engineering we definitely need help with math and for that, someone actually built a completely functioning calculator, which is able to perform simple mathematics with great accuracy. These Minecraft engineers have really started to make me question if I am spending my time right or not.

Big Working Calculator Surprisingly
Big Working Calculator Surprisingly
Video of Working Calculator in Minecraft

13) Working Quad-core Computer (Greatest Minecraft Build)

Well if that much maths wasn’t enough for you, here we have a complete computer inside Minecraft that is capable of doing multiple sophisticated tasks such as the Fibonacci Program, Multiplication and you can even draw on a white canvas with the click of a button, and many more. 

Working Quad-core Computer in Minecraft
Working Quad-core Computer in Minecraft
Video of Redstone Computer in Best Minecraft Builds

12) Xbox 360 Kinect Real-Time

Have you ever wanted to simulate your cat in Minecraft? Well, this guy did. Using some genius engineering and Xbox 360 Kinect, Nate Viniconis made it so anything that happened in front of his Xbox Kinect would be imported into Minecraft on an extremely large scale.

The craziest part is that this was made in 2011.

Unfortunately, this was done in the Beta version of the game almost 11 years ago so that is why this is the only quality that is available on the internet.

Video of Xbox 360 Kinect Real-Time in Minecraft

11) Mage’s College of Meridia Build

Block Fortress got inspired to take the cues from Skyrim’s Winterhold College and recreate Mage’s famous College of Meridia. To put it in perspective we can easily say that it even outclassed the magic of Minecraft’s Pottercraft server.

Mage’s College of Meridia Build
Mage’s College of Meridia Build

10) Elvish Themed Underground Kingdom

What makes this build so unique and outstanding amongst the others is that it is completely built by pure imagination by TrixyBlox and that is why it has been placed so high on the list. The build has taken him over 700 hours to build, You can check out the progress on his youtube channel, as TrixyBlox is one of the best Minecraft builders on the platform and hence that is the reason why he has made a couple of notable appearances on the list 

Video of Elvish Themed Underground Kingdom as Epic Minecraft Build

9) Adamantis

What would it sound like if I told you there is a Minecraft mega build that was made possible by using 60 Million blocks? Jamdelaney1 took 3 months to absolutely push the boundaries of structure building really back by creating the extensive city of Adamantis. This enormous metropolis extends up to the side of a hill and is embellished with enormous doors, vast colonnades, and reflecting pools.

Outstanding Adamantis Build in Minecraft
Outstanding Adamantis Build in Minecraft
Video of Adamantis Build Cenimatics

8) Shingeki no kyojin city Build in Minecraft

Like any other show or movie rising into popularity means that it has to receive some sort of fan arts or remakes but maybe if you are a fan of a show and also an extremely talented Minecraft builder just like FoxicalOW you would definitely want to relive the imaginary world all by yourself, just like he built this amazing 1:1 duplicate of the “Shiganshina” city from the popular anime series “Attack on Titan”.

Shingeki no kyojin city Build in Minecraft
Shingeki no kyojin city Build in Minecraft

7) Mount Everest (One of the Best Minecraft Builds of all time)

Minecraft allows people to express their imagination and creativity through the game and G0ularte perfectly understood the assignment and executed it using the Build The Earth (BTE) Mod Pack to recreate the entire Mount Everest.

Well now that Mount Everest is made your next question would be, how long does it take to reach the top? Well just to imagine how big it really is the same streamer took 4 hours to reach the highest point of that mountain even though unlike the real Mount Everest it does not consist of any sort of unclimbable areas or bad weather yet still it takes 4 hours to reach from ground to top.

Mount Everest Minecraft Build
Mount Everest Minecraft Build
Video of Climbing Mount Everest Minecraft greatest build

6) Battlestar Galactica Minecraft Build

This is an amazing treat for people who are pulp fiction fans as the ship from the famous TV show, Battlestar Galactica has officially made its way into the Minecraft World.

This build is an impressive masterpiece of its own with its uniqueness and the details that are put into this art are insane. This structure made by PlanetMinecraft comprises over 5 million blocks.

Battlestar Galactica Build
Battlestar Galactica Build

5) IMPERIAL SUMMER PALACE (Greatest Minecraft Builds)

Based on Europe’s most renowned buildings, The Imperial Summer Palace takes inspiration from the VersaillesSt. Petersburg’s Hermitage, and  Summer Palace. It is majestic, both inside and outside, with its beautiful gardens complementing its vast, opulent interiors.


4) Louvre Craft (One of the Big Minecraft Builds)

One of the most famous, biggest, and most beautiful museums in the world, the Louvre Museum which was originally built in the 12th century, has been re-built. But where? Well in your computer, in your Minecraft folder. And you can own it all by yourself. 

This is the exact museum that has the world’s most famous painting made by the talented  Leonardo Da Vinci, The Mona Lisa.

Known for one of the oldest Minecraft mega builds The Louvre Craft took Elgringau, Arch_NH, Ariah, Boorizz, Bulix, Frankenstein25mc, HalfBreath, Iskilia, Jeanie, ThomasEsc, and xflash_yers. 40 days to complete.

Video of Louvre Craft Minecraft Build

3) Minecraft Middle Earth

If there ever would be a classic world that would end up to be immortalized inevitably in texture packs, it would definitely be “Tolkien’s Middle-Earth”. This yet-to-be-completed project is primarily influenced by the cinematic vision of Peter Jackson’s Middle-Earth. As long as you follow the rules you can also help these men build the massive city of dreams, and why not be proud of being a part of a great mission.

Minecraft Middle Earth Build
Minecraft Middle Earth Build

2) Westeros

For our game of thrones fans out there, don’t worry the Minecraft community did not forget you either, heck they don’t forget anyone.

Players from the Westeroscraft server joined hands to build some of the most iconic places from the famous Tv show “Game of Thrones” but the most jaw-dropping creation of this community is definitely the “King’s Landing” it is a city that comprises more than 3000 buildings while not forgetting to include the Sept of Baelor, the dock that leads to the notorious Blackwater Bay, The Red Keep, even the specified Merchant streets of Silk, Flour and Steel and not to forget the Tournament grounds and much more detailed stuff.

Westeros Build in Minecraft
Westeros Build

1) Entire World Replica (Amazing & Biggest Minecraft Builds)

What if I told you that there is an entire world waiting for you but in Minecraft.

Well yes, Minecraft builder PippenFTS started this insane movement in Minecraft to make a 1 to 1 replica of the entire World on March 21, 2020, and since then has been joined by countless other Minecraft builders to help him achieve this feat. Since this project is on such a large scale that even after almost 2 years it hasn’t been completed. But a large chunk of this server has been made. You can even help contribute to this movement by building your own hometown with all the depths and details you know.

It’s really mind-blowing to see what the potential of this simple block game has over all the other games in the world. Imagine a virtual world where you can meet your friends and visit places you guys always wanted to go together, but virtually. 

Although a Minecraft world has a few limitations such as 256 block height limit with the help of Terra, 1 to 1 mod, and Cubic chunks mod PippenFTS was able to remove these boundaries so that you are able to build structures higher than 256 blocks and width of the entire world is expected to be 8,000,000 blocks from the North Pole to the South Pole.  

If this actually gets done then I believe this might be the greatest achievement of this decade and I don’t believe anything could top this for a very very long time. Since it could also be a completely revolutionary virtual world right next to Meta. Where people could meet and have small communities of their own, and not forget that as of 2021 Minecraft has almost 200 million players only on the Pc version let alone the pocket version, educational version, and Chinese version. And with almost 130 Million monthly active players in 2020

Impossible Entire World Replica Build in Minecraft
Impossible Entire World Replica Build in Minecraft
Unbelievable work in Minecraft Builds of all time

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