Travelers Backpack Mod Minecraft

Hi Miners, What type of player are you in minecraft? Are you more of a builder and like to create amazing structures in your world? Or are you a miner and love to stay below the ground and find ores and other luxurious items? Or maybe you might just be an explorer and love to go on long journeys while denying to stay at one place forever. Whoever you are, everyone faces that one main problem which no one likes.

Traveler’s backpack mod:


Although this backpack was made by mainly focusing only on the traveling part, it is really helpful even for miners and builders as well as it can drastically increase the number of items and tools that you can hold, as you already know how much garbage gets collected into the inventory when you go mining. And as for builders, it’s pretty easy to carry a bed with you since when you are upto a big project or trying to build the greatest build of all time and work day in and day out phantoms might appear and disturb your peace. 

As of today, this mod has 5,000,000+ downloads so that’s how you know it’s a pretty useful mod.

Let us have a review on this mod and check out features and new things it is providing;

traveler's backpack mode

New features:

Say No to full inventory;

So miners it’s time to say No to full inventory, from now onwards in this mod your inventory is never going to be full. This mod provides you with about 45 slots and 2 fluid tanks, which can even carry 16 bottles of potions and 4 buckets of fluids, this mod becomes the best option when it comes to carrying many items.

Either chest plate or backpack? Heck, why not both?

Usually, problems with these types of items are that they need to be worn just like the elytra or the chestplate and there is only one slot which means that only one item can be worn at a time. But that is not the problem over here since this mod provides you with an extra slot where you can wear your bag without having to remove your chestplate. 

Adventures things :

So miners! What stuff do you think is important when going on an adventure? What should be the things you should take with you? A crafting table? A bed? A furnace?  Yes!  But from now you only have to take just one thing with you, that is the backpack because the traveler’s backpack mod is capable of providing you with all the important stuff within it. You can take a sleeping bag out of it any time anywhere you want from your backpack without being worried about losing the spawn point.

New customizations, never before:

traveler's backpack mode

New inventory:

The traveler mod is also going to provide you with an extended inventory, here down we have listed some points which will help you with the new inventory. 

The new inventory can be split into segments, which will then perform other functions. 

Here are the slots mentioned with their respective colors:

traveler's backpack mode inventory
  1. Blue slots:  

 The blue slots are representing the backpack area where you are able to store all your stuff and items. 

  1. Green slots:

The green slots will only accept tools and will make you do special inventory things. 

  1. Brown slots:

The brown slots are used for crafting purposes and one of them is a crafting result slot. They can also be used to save items.

  1. Bucket slots:

You will also see a slot of buckets, this is used for containing all the fluid items. If the tank placed is suitable for getting filled with fluid then it will move to the slot which is under the tank and then will get filled. 

  1. Slots under the buckets slots:

You will also see some slots present under the bucket slots, these are not for storage purposes, these are just an output of the bucket slots. 

These are the slots that you may see in your inventory and they all perform a different purpose as mentioned above.

New clicks:

Here let us tell you about the keybinds that Javier Darkona has set for your ease of use.

  1. Opening inventory:

When you are wearing a backpack and are desiring to open inventory, you have to press B, this will open the inventory. 

  1. Cycle tool:

When you are holding a tool, you can perform this action.  When wearing a backpack and tool slots are full in the backpack’s inventory. Press Z then scroll up or down, this trick will replace the tool in your hand with any other tool in the backpack’s inventory. 

New crafting recipes:

Below we have listed some names of items that are now available in the inventory of backpacks and are easy to craft. 

  • Backpack tank.
backpack tank recipe
  • Sleeping bag.
sleeping bag recipe
  • Hose nozzle.
hose nozzle recipe
  • Hose.
hose recipe
  • Travelers backpack.
traveler's backpack recipe

Backpack Abilities:

In addition to inventory space and ease of crafting, There are some backpacks in this mod that provide you with special abilities.

The special abilities are listed down below.

Bat Backpack

By equipping this backpack you get a better vision in the dark, Ironic.

Bookshelf Backpack

This backpack has some sacred knowledge vested within it. Place it near an enchanting table and it will increase the level of enchantments.

Cactus Backpack

This backpack has the ability of a cactus, not the prickly abilities but the water consumption abilities. When it is raining near you this backpack can store that water so you don’t run out of water. Or if it isn’t raining but you find a pond just take a quick dip in it and the backpack shall be filled with water.

Chicken Backpack

People say there is nothing special about this mod. Are you kidding me? This mod changes you into a chicken. You will lay eggs as well.

Creeper Backpack

This is a fun pack as you can prank your friends by becoming a creeper and sneaking behind them. You can shapeshift every few minutes.

Emerald Backpack

Gives you cool new particles. Nothing special

Pig Backpack

Trust me you won’t wear it again once after trying.

Pigman Backpack

This is the best backpack to explore the nether as it provides you protection from fire.

Rainbow Backpack

While sprinting you will leave behind a trail of notes. Now everyone will know that you are nearby. This backpack also provides extra speed and a jump boost.

Slime Backpack

One of the most useless backpacks. I guess the creator was just getting bored :P. By wearing this bag you will leave a slimy trail while running and your feet will make a squishy sloppy sound while moving.

Squid Backpack

With the help of this bag, you can breathe underwater. I think this is probably one of the most useful bags.

Sunflower Backpack

It will take care of your hunger while you are in sunlight, slowly but at least you won’t be starving.

Dragon Backpack

This is the most powerful bag as it provides you with the powers of the Pigman bag and squid backpack while also gaining regeneration and getting much stronger with your hits. What else do you want from this backpack? Make you America’s President.

Wolf Backpack

Gives you werewolf strength when it is a full moon and also tames any wolf that is mad at you.

wolf backpack

So miners! Go check this mod out now and carry all the stuff you need, and never be restricted by full inventory! 


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