When is the next Minecraft update 1.15 in 2019?

UPDATE: Minecraft 1.15 Buzzy Bees released! Read complete review HERE.

Hey, what’s up guys it’s a dream here with some breaking news we just got the new Minecraft update 1.15. 

The most recent thing we’ve seen is the bees which have like honeycombs and all of that I guess which is interesting. But this has been leaked, Minecraft update 1.15 snapshot has been leaked.

We are here to show you all the new features, all the cool stuff, everything about it from start to finish.

Here are some Minecraft Update

#1 Gold Panning

So the first new cool feature has to do with bowls and sand and it’s called Gold panning.

Glod Panning Minecraft 1.15

I don’t know if you know what gold panning is but it’s when you sift through sand and dirt and all of that for gold. Like if you take a bowl and you break a sand block on the edge of the water, there is a small chance that it will drop a nugget of gold. 

We don’t know exactly what the chance is but you can try for sure. Seems like it might be like one out of every ten or something like that so that’s pretty cool! Get some gold nuggets just by breaking sand! that’s a cool new feature in this Minecraft update. 

#2 Flint Minecraft update

This next feature is probably one of the most controversial changes that they added. I’m not sure if they’re gonna go through with this because it seems kind of funky but if you break gravel it seems to me like there is a 100 percent chance that it drops Flender.

Flint update in Minecraft

So, that’s pretty crazy for those you arrow lovers out there that want to make tons of arrows. Now you have infinite arrows! I’m not sure how you get gravel, I tried to get it with a silk touch pick. I even tried to get it with a shovel none of it works. I’m not sure if you can acquire gravel anymore that’d be a really interesting change if you can. This Minecraft update is a bit controversial haha.

#3 Grandma’s House Minecraft update

So the next thing they added in this Minecraft update, 

I went into a game mode to go ahead and show you guys it’s called either Grandma’s house or Grannys house. I’m not certain you can find them in you can see right over there on the horizon there is a little house with some smoke coming out of it. And it says grandma’s house on this little sign here and if you open it up there’s a little fireplace, there’s a little bed and there is a cake on the windowsill and usually, there is a cat.

Minecraft Granny's House

I found a cat in the last two grandma’s houses that I found so that’s a new way to find cats. 

I guess it doesn’t seem like there’s much more useful to it though other than the fact that it’s grandma’s house and there’s a cake. So if you ever are starving lost in a Plains biome you have a pretty useful bed I guess.

And another way to find campfires so all in all pretty cool Minecraft update I guess.

#4 Coconut Tree Minecraft update

Oh, and while we’re around here we noticed in the background there is a new tree variant. We’re not sure what they are yet. But this tree is naturally spawned I did not build this.

Minecraft Coconut Tree

It is a naturally spawned tree that seems to be a new variant. I’m not sure it seems they may only be along riverbanks or the water.

Because these are the ones I noticed we’re along the water. I don’t know if it’s like a coconut tree or maybe they’re adding coconut soon and this is just a variant of that.

I’m not sure it does look kind of stupid but it’s okay I’m sure they’ll add something to mix it up in the next Minecraft update.

#5 Iron Golem Minecraft update

Now, this next one is crazy if you spawn an iron golem or you can find them in villages. Obviously hoops then you can actually ride the iron golem believe it not if I click this iron golem, I am on his head in order to actually control him you have to be holding an iron bog, this is crazy! 

Minecraft Update - Iron Golem

I’m telling you this is the fastest vehicle in all of Minecraft update. It is an insanely fast matter of fact. I don’t know why they added this in the first place, I don’t get the point of riding iron golems anyway. 

You don’t need a saddle, you don’t need anything you can just ride them.

So, I feel like everybody’s gonna be doing that if it’s added in this Minecraft update.

#6 Nightmares Minecraft update

This next feature I want to show you is spooky. They added nightmares to Minecraft update or at least that’s what I’m guessing. It is because it’s weird fair.

The warning makes sure you’re ready for a jump scare here.

Minecraft Nightmares

I’m gonna sleep in my bed and there’s a small chance that a nightmare happens. It is up to 100% but usually, it’s around 10% jump scare. 

Warning you’re sleeping and this just scares the crap out of you. Coming out of nowhere to scare you that is terrible.

I don’t know why they did that, this is kind of funny but at the same time, it’s like you have a 10% chance of crapping yourself in the game and just being terrified.

This Minecraft update is also not necessary but it definitely adds value to it.

#7 Nether Minecraft update

This next one involves the nether. Now they haven’t made many nether Minecraft update.

In a while, I think this may be the start to what they’re gonna do in the next updates. Which could be the nether update I guess.

Minecraft Nether

This one is crazy so the nether looks pretty normal at first until you go to any place there would normally be lava.

Now there’s no lava down here no lava at all and there’s Pigman down here where there used to be tons of lava these little floating islands were in the lava there’s none anywhere in the entire nether.

I checked, I reloaded 5 or 6 different worlds there is no lava in the nether. 

So it may just be that people are having too difficult of time and they needed to make it some people don’t die in the lava.

I mean there’s a lot of interesting things in the nether other than in the lava I guess but I feel like that’s kind of weird in this Minecraft update.

#8 Torch Minecraft update

So this feature is kind of funky I’m not gonna lie.

I’m not sure that it’s gonna be well received by the community but I think it’s interesting for sure.

It kind of defeats the purpose of multiple torches but it’s a torch update so basically they updated the radius at which a torch lights up stuff. 

Minecraft torch update

So if I place a torch, it could be amazing to look at that. If are standing next to this torch, you can see everything everywhere. If you break it darkness will fall. I don’t know how far it extends the light. But it’s far though as you can see far so it seems pretty cool. This Minecraft update is little funky though.

#9 Nine stakes need to fill Hunger bar Minecraft update

Now I’ll be honest about this feature, I hate it.   

Every food has a different amount of saturation no that’s normal. Basically, if I ate steak, it’ll keep my hunger full for longer compared to if I eat potatoes for example.

But in this case, the amount of hunger it heals is the same. So if I eat a steak right now it’s gonna heal half of a hunger bar. 

You had to eat nine steaks to fill up and I’m already down half another one this sucks. Hate it! They need to remove this.  

Nine Stakes

I guess the reason they’re staying for it is that kids don’t understand the difference between like a steak and a potato and stuff. They don’t remember like memorize the amounts. So they might know steak is more. But they don’t remember that steak is like four whereas with potatoes it’s 2.5 or whatever. 

The actual values are so they made it all the same so if you eat you get half a hunger bar no matter what item you eat. Therefore, kids can remember it. That’s stupid, I’m sorry but this one I hate in this Minecraft update.

#10 Potion of Jumping Minecraft update

So the next thing they added in this Minecraft update is the potion of jumping. Now, this is not to be confused with a potion of leaping.

Potion of Jumping

This is a completely different potion and that’s it. I’m not holding down spacebar it just makes me jump. I’m not hoping any much baseball right now makes me consistently jump as long as I have the potion.

If you look at the top right there are bubbles which I guess is water breathing’s potion.

I don’t think they have changed the way that looks yet or added a way for it to look differently. 

Imagine the multiplayer servers you can splash, you know other people in PvP, you just throw it on them and then you fight them and they’re just constantly jumping like so much trouble with fighting you ER. Also, let’s say someone’s chasing you, you make them constantly jump. This Minecraft update is really worth it. 

#11 Trade with pigs

For this next one, I don’t know why they added this in but they did it. So, now you can trade with pigs, the same way that you walk up to a villager, You click the villager, if it’s a trading villager and you trade with it.  

Similarly, you walk up to the pig, click the pig and you can trade with the pig now. 

Trade with pig

I can trade with them. It’s just as an infinite possibility for the different traits. 

And what they do and where they are and I can mix emerald so much more useful because of all the trades you can do with just the pigs now.

This is what is unique about Minecraft developers they always give us what we want. We’ve been asking for years, for literally years to trade with pigs and we have got it in this Minecraft update.

#12 Acacia planks

And we’ll move on to the next feature in this Minecraft update now. I gotta admit this update is kind of hit-or-miss. As, they’ve hit on some things, they’ve missed on others. I have to say this is a miss.

The normal crafting recipe for getting a wooden plank is to put a log in the crafting that’s like in your crafting mansion. Now, they removed that. You can’t do that anymore with any log, acacia or other.

Finally, what they did do is now you have to get a log and you have to get dirt, 8 dirt and you make 4 acacia plates in the same way that you normally would with one log.

Acacia Plank

It’s one log and then dirt in the shape of a chest around it to make acacia plants.

I don’t know the reasoning behind this, they’ll probably talk about this at the next Minecon event but this is just weird I’m not sure. 

I mean, I guess it makes a little bit of sense you have to add some, I don’t understand this. This is another change in this Minecraft update 1.15.

#13 Height limit Minecraft update

Now they also added some awesome changes for those of us with disabilities or disorders.

First of these changes is that height limit has been for a long time only 256 blocks. Mojang decided to change that finally!  

height limits

They changed the height limit to 250 blocks. This was meant for people with OCD.  

They also did one more thing for people with OCD, they changed the maximum stack size from 64 to 50 a nice clean number.

So, lets say I have 46 dirt. I’m gonna get 250 and it goes into a new stack! Now this is gonna be a little bit controversial, I’m not gonna lie because people like having 64 but 50 is still really good and 50 allows for a much better item organization I guess. 

So now people be like; hey I have three stacks that are 150, it’s much easier math much easier for sure.  

Those of us with OCD, not me but those of you with OCD will love this change.

#14 Vegan mode

Now what this is, it makes it so you can’t eat meat I think I have steaks though. So, if I try to eat the steak it throws it out.

And it goes like ‘ah’, it’s an angry villagers sound when you’re trying to eat meat. This is vegan mode and that’s pretty much the gist of it.    

Vegan Mode

You can still hit animals, I’m not sure if they’re gonna adjust that when you have vegan mode enabled.   

You can turn that on in your settings if you want to be a true V and awesome.

#15 Skins Minecraft update

Now moving on from features that Mojang added for people with disabilities. I don’t think there’s anything else that we have left to do except for one thing. They added a new skin barrage, this is very interesting.

We have Steve four guys and we have Alex four girls but they just recently added Tyrone now, this is a good change. 

I do see a lot of people doing this change and they’re gonna love to use this new skin. 

skin update

Make sure you include Tyrone with Alex and Steve in the future do not segregate him from the rest now. This skin is great it’s more inclusive and that’s what Mojang is all about.

Now I don’t know if I missed anything you guys will have to wait and seewhen this update comes out.  

If I missed something let me know down in the comments section. Let us know what do you guys think about this Minecraft update?

Also, check what’s new in Minecraft 1.14.4 update.   

And if you want to know how to update Minecraft, so here’s the instruction it.

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