Why is Minecraft So Popular?

Hey fellow reader, Today we will be discussing the most popular game and one of the few games to stay relevant for such a long time on the planet currently i.e Minecraft.

We shall take a look at why is Minecraft so popular and discuss why do 200 Million+ people including me choose to play Minecraft. And we shall answer your questions with the following reasons required.

Minecraft popular Game

Why is Minecraft So popular? 11 Reasons

Believe me or not this game is super addictive, and this is spoken from personal experience. My friend who had dedicated more than 5000+ hours to CS: GO had no intentions of playing this video game. But once I convinced him to try and find out the reason behind Minecraft’s popularity, he hasn’t turned back since. Hours would go by, and the sun would set and rise back again, but we both would still find ourselves immersed in its gameplay.

It seems as if Markus Persson has found the secret recipe for a successful game, Minecraft is not dependent on its high-end graphics nor does the gameplay require any skill to master, and yet still has such diverse gameplay, which is one of the key factors why people of all age find it fun.

1. Ownership

Minecraft is a game that gives you the feeling of ownership. Ownership of a never-ending land, it feels as if you have your own world. whether you create a single-player world just for yourself or to have fun with your friends on multiplayer, Minecraft always provides you with that satisfaction of ownership. A place where you can call home and a world where you can show off your creativity and explore by your own rules.

This feature solely helps Minecraft stand out in the gaming world. Since the feeling of owning lots of things is pretty pleasing for a man, that is a natural phenomenon and if that is not done enough in real life then playing Minecraft helps you experience it.

2. Creative mode

This is the number 1 reason that attracts a lot of players including me to Minecraft. Minecraft allows you to get into creative mode and challenge your inner creativity. While survival mode has created a specific place in my heart as well, I still love playing Minecraft on creative mode a bit more.

Although Survival worlds also allow you to get creative and make your own creations. For a person like me, the limited amount of resources and the amount of time required to collect them and then create one idea in survival mode bothers me a lot.

The ideal gaming experience that I would have fun playing is survival mode to challenge myself in every aspect like fighting monsters and problem solving or gathering armor and spells. But while I explore and fight monsters for survival, having easy access to creative mode only when I am about to use building blocks to create new things. while still working hard in survival to get other various items, such as tools, ores, potions, etc.

All in all, I would say that only when I create something do I like to get in creative mode since I have less time to play a game and don’t want it to be wasted gathering stuff.

3. Ease of access

Minecraft is a simple game and does not require too much space to launch. You can easily play Minecraft on a potato PC without the need for a Graphics card. All you need is a moderately working computer. Although playing Minecraft with high-end graphics and 120+ Fps is always a better experience

And if you think that low-quality graphics don’t go well with you then you can always choose the option to play Minecraft with texture packs and mods

Minecraft is not just limited to one gaming platform, instead, they offer Players to run Minecraft on mobile phones or on consoles such as Xbox and PlayStation as well. This is a really big factor that allows Minecraft to be discovered by even more players. The variety of platforms where Minecraft is available also makes it unique from other games

Not everyone can afford high-end consoles or Computers to play games and not all video games allow to have the full experience on low-end computers. And this is where Minecraft takes the dub it allows you to get the full original experience on a low-quality pc and the experience only increases as your computer upgrades.

4. YouTubers/Minecraft Videos

Minecraft Videos on Youtube

Minecraft is the biggest game in the world right now in terms of popularity or in terms of sales and even YouTube views. The popularity has just grown stronger and stronger each year. As of 2020 alone, Minecraft racked up 201,000,000,000 views, which is 126 Billion more than the second most popular game, Roblox which had a total of 75 Billion Views in 2020, that’s Absurd

But on 15th December YouTube announced that might probably be the biggest achievement done on youtube. They announced that Minecraft videos have officially passed 1,000,000,000,000 views combined, yes you read that right those are twelve 0’s that’s Trillion with a T. Minecraft is so popular that no youtube channel, no youtube genre, no videogame, no song or artist has ever managed to achieve that milestone, nor even come close to what this game has done. 

Youtube released this animated video to appreciate and congratulate Minecraft for its achievement: 

With Minecraft generating millions of views we have no doubt as to why Minecraft is popular. We got to see a lot of notable Minecraft Youtubers make themselves a name on the platform and produce great content with their ideas such as Lets-plays, Manhunts, Speedruns, Parody music, and many more. And the contents Minecraft helps to generate are too diverse. There is always someone with a better video for you to watch that keeps you on the platform for hours and maybe make you excited to get back on your pc to play more Minecraft.

Here is a link to the top 10 Minecraft YouTubers to watch.

YouTubers play a big role in promoting any game. Youtubers creating content is a great source of free advertisement for Mojang and that is another great way to reach new players.

5. Gameplay

Minecraft is a video game that is easy to pick up but difficult to master. the simplistic gameplay and overly simple graphics do not tend to target specific players. Instead, Minecraft challenges people to find fun with their own creativity and polish their problem-solving skills.

And if you are not attracted by the simplistic blocky/lego type gameplay And would prefer better graphics then you always have the option to add texture packs and Shaders

6. Unpredictable

The way that the game is created with random world generation. Some of the occurrences in this game are so rare that people don’t even get to experience them the entire years they were playing Minecraft.

Minecraft is such a versatile game that it has already made history on some points and is still a lot of history left to be made, When a player finds something unique and knows that he is one of those lucky few people to experience it out of those 200Million+ players then the feeling is surreal.

For instance, the probability of getting zombies riding other mobs is very rare but the probability of finding a Baby zombie villager riding a chicken with full diamond enchanted armor with a sword in its left hand might be one of the rarest occurrences you would ever experience in video games history. The math according to Minecraft Wiki on google is is 1 in 199,210,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 (199 Decillion). Good-luck finding one 😉

7. Different ways to play the game

There are multiple ways to play Minecraft so if you don’t like one or might get bored you can always switch to doing something new in your world, the possibilities are endless.

You can either be an explorer and explore your never-ending world, Or you might get into creative and show off your creative streak, maybe if you think the creative mode is too easy then you should launch a new Hardcore world where you are not allowed to die even once and if you die you lose your world forever. And if you think you are a genius in real life then try playing with some Redstone blocks and understand its engineering.

8. Feeling of Accomplishment

Minecraft is a type of game that gives you the feeling of satisfaction and achievement on every turn which helps boost your morale. Imagine coming back home after a long day of work just to play an online competitive game where you match up with a sweaty try-harder who only makes your day even worse. That is something Minecraft is free from, it is free from tryhard players who discourage you if not being good at the game. Minecraft encourages you on every small progress you make. and that is what attracts a lot of kids and adults who can not dedicate the majority of their time to gaming yet still love to play video games to lose stress.

Minecraft feeling of accomplishment

9. Amount of exploration/ never-ending adventure

Exploration is a big part of Minecraft’s gameplay. Since the random and infinite generation of terrains has countless opportunities for adventure. And the endless possibilities of something new happening always keeps the player attached to the game.

10. Multiplayer

As much as the Single-player mode attracts players around the world. Millions of gamers are big fans of Multiplayer mode as well. And we have seen many games grow more when they have a multiplayer mode since that allows the creation of servers due to which people are able to have fun with their friends.

The best example of a video game with a successful multiplayer mode in GTA V Online

There are a lot of public Minecraft servers working where you can experience a full multiplayer experience and find new gamer friends and then build your own community.

Multiplayer game in Minecraft

11. Updates

Constant New updates are one of the most important things that keep the heartbeat of a game running. We have already seen multiple successful games that rose in popularity but died due to a lack of interest by the developers. The best example of a game that is on the verge of dying due to a lack of updates is Team Fortress 2.

But we have seen Mojang almost never failing to release a new update on a regular basis which brings new things to the game, New updates bring other players with them and also attract old players back to the video game.

Minecraft updates

How you can get better at school by playing Minecraft.

Minecraft is educational Since it builds up problem-solving, Creativity, collaboration, self-direction, and other real-life skills. In the classrooms, Minecraft encourages writing, reading, math, and history learning. Evidently, Minecraft also educates business principles, a global perspective, and STEM knowledge. Both fun and Informative, Minecraft is easily on our list of the best video games for kids.


Minecraft is a Versatile game that lets you create your ideas, either alone or with your friends. It attracts people of all ages to play with their creativity. The options to customize your game whichever way you want are too vast. It helps you increase your Problem-solving skills and create multiple solutions for a single problem.

If we see today’s other successful games. They all have a good mixture of amazing graphics, good gameplay, and a great storyline, while Minecraft lacks all three of them and yet is above all in the gaming world, and the answer is simple.

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